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I am hungry!

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Waking up 4:50am in the morning, thanks to jet lag! I am literally starving once I woke up. And here you go, craving for the comfort food when you are hungry.

The first and second pictures flashed through my mind was this delicious steamed bread with butter and kaya, and the spicy prawn mee.

Malaysian style toast with butter and kaya is my all time favorite breakfast whenever I go home. It was something I grew up with.

In my trip back home recently, my best friend took me to this place in SS2, PJ, telling me they have the best steamed bread in the Klang Valley. I was a little hesitant to go since I like the toasted version better. He assured me that I can still order my toast.

We ordered a toast, and a steamed bread, both with butter and kaya, and yes, they must go along with a cup of malaysian style coffee. Also, we ordered the spicy prawn mee, which is the popular item here.

Surely, I was a happy camper! My toast was great, but what surprised me most was the steamed bread! It was so soft and fluffy in texture, with very well combination flavor of buttery and sweetness. He was right, I could have missed out big time if I didn’t try the steamed bread.

The prawn mee was so yummy! It satisfied my savory palette after the sweet toast. I like my soup extra spicy; thus, I added extra hot sauce into it.

Oh well, back to reality, I am having a bowl of cereal while I am typing this post.

Restaurant Lim Mee Yoke

Address: 14, Jalan SS2/10, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


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