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Happy Monday! 

Monday could be glamorous if you start it right! Did I say the word glamorous? Yeah!!

I love my job, but there are days that I don’t feel like going to work. Instead of calling in, I made these little treats to myself, triple shot cappuccino with Lavazza Super crema espresso beans, and my favorite waffle! 

I could be 30 minutes late today for work, but it’s better than calling in. The most important matter is, I started my Monday happily! 

Ohh well, I am not sure if my boss would be happy today! Too bad, in life, we can never make everybody happy, right?

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Brunch at Marlowe, San Francisco

First time wearing my new beanie and new coat, the blue and mint color made me think of Marlowe.

Hence, I went to Marlowe for brunch. This is the third time I been to Marlowe, I love the interior setting, the ambiance and the food. I can’t say much about their service though, it all depends on the server of the day.

Brussel sprout chips is a must try, sinfully delicious! I could finish the whole order by myself!

The freshly squeeze grapefruit juice is so refreshing that I could give up my cup of coffee, which usually is a must have for me in breakfast or brunch. The tartness becomes my eyes opening of the day. 

Heard some good things about their roasted bone marrow too. Too bad it is served only at  dinner, will definitely check it out sometimes later.


Add: 500 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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What do you think about La mer?


I attended an event by La mer on the past Saturday, was given a chinese new year lucky envelope plus some samples of their products. I been trying the samples for 3 days in a row now, I certainly do not see any difference on my skin.

They introduced almost all their products within an hour meeting time, and the attendees got to share their experiences of using the products.

One of the attendee was telling us that she has almost all the la mer products, including all different kind of their serum. I was impressed by how much someone would spend on their skincare products. La mer is indeed very pricey, I am still debating whether I should give it a try? Or is overrated?

What do you think?