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Friday Night Beauty Time


After finishing my Glamglow Youthmud, here is my new love, Cup O’ Coffee by Lush.

I hope it works as the product description, wakes up my tired complexions, kick-starts my weekends!!! 


7 thoughts on “Friday Night Beauty Time

  1. Great little post! I’m desperate to get my hands on a facemask and heard so much about this one – I think I need to grab it soon! xx &


  2. I love this face mask! Have you tried Lush Ayesha face mask? I always use that to wake myself up! I have a blog post on my blog about it if you wanted to read more of the benefits, but i’d definitely recommend you trying that one! X


  3. Probably one of my favourite masks, it doesnt say it on the tub but it works amazingly for ance as well as cellulite on the backs of your legs! i just posted a haul, would love if you checked it out! xxxx


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