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Happy Birthday to me 🎂

Birthday, it’s a day with a feeling of love and hate!

Love that I had a great time spending my birthday with my buddies and bffs! Surely, with yummy food 😋

Hate that I am growing older but not taller 😤

Wishing myself not just happy birthday, but happy days!

565 Bryant street, Palo Alto, 94301

Mushroom, potato gnocchi, poached egg, black truffle! All good stuff

This pork chop is to die for

Very tasty braised short rib

Another year wiser 🍷

I am lucky to have my BFF organizing the birthday dinner


Thanks for coming!

I am going to celebrate my birthday for a week long!

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Ole Henriksen Power Bright

Taking advantage of Sephora VIB 20% off discount, I got myself a new product to try, Ole Henriksen Power Bright.

I did not feel the extreme tingling sensation as a lot of the reviewers said, instead it’s very mild. I hoped I followed the instruction right?!

I know it’s not magic, but I can’t see major difference on my face after washed. My face does feel softer like after applying a mask.

The box comes with 6 treatments, hopefully magic comes after 6 used 🙂

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I rushed home on Friday evening because I couldn’t wait to try on my Dyson Supersonic hairdryer that arrived this morning. 

Such a pretty looking hairdryer which the color match my favorite Dyson cordless vacuum. But once I used it on my fresh washed hair, I am super disappointed with it. No doubt on the high speed air, but it did not cut down the drying time much compared to my regular Conair 1875 Watt hairdryer. Besides, the over powerful air speed actually messily dried my hair in tangled! 

Yes, this is a big disappointment! 

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7 Courses Dinner Cooking Challenge

I wasn’t able to get a table booked with Acquerello for my boyfriend birthday this past Wednesday, which I have been calling in for few weeks to try my luck. After a long search among all restaurants in the area, I couldn’t find one that I really want to go as bad as I would for Acquerello.

Finally, I decided to take the challenge and make a 7 courses meal including dessert.

Ain’t have time to do a proper table setting, simply a menu, a few fresh cut flowers, and a bottle of Trimbach Gewurtraminer Alsace 2014.

img_1274I named my 1st course Red in Between 🙂

-heirloom tomatoes sandwiched between a bed of arugula and basil mango, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar glaze, salt and pepper of course. 

The 2nd course is Fig Fleur. I cut up a fresh black mission fig from the tip of the top, kinda make it a blossom way, stuffed with pepper goat cheese chèvre, drizzled with honey.

3rd course, I served the caviar plate. My very first time buying caviar from a grocery store. I picked it up from my favorite Whole Foods Market.

To buy me some extra times, I simply put together a pink grapefruit granita as palate cleanser. 

The 4th course, sautéed mixed mushroom with white truffle oil on toasted bagguette, topped with fresh burrata. It happened that I have a Kiwano fruit in my fridge, I set some of the green pulps on top of the burrata to freshen up the look of the dish.

Finally, 5th course, the entree begin with Maine Lobster Risotto. It was the first time I cook a live lobster!

I got this little guy from New England Lobster Market and Eatery!

Another palate cleanser to buy me time! Frozen Grape 🤗 yea, I was running out of idea!

The 6th course, lamb lollipop! I gave them a cast iron quick seared on both sides, dipped into rum, coated with brown sugar, and gave them a nice torch! I am glad I didn’t set up a kitchen fire…. Mint olive oil on the side.

 Tada…my last course, and the most enjoyable part of my entire cooking, Matcha Soufle. Too bad I wasn’t aware that my pantry was out powder sugar. So I dusted the top with matcha powder. Does it look like a green hulk?!?!

Despite all the mess I made in the kitchen, I think the dinner turned out to be pretty good.


Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, my little getaway…  Does the folding chair belongs to anyone?

 Love paddling on a calm lake, you can tell I am a beginner!   Those big rocks are gorgeous!

Hike to the secret cove after kayaking.

Stayed at Basecamp Hotel, really like the ambient of the lobby, where breakfast was served.

Here, you baked your own waffle 🙂 I love the matching serving dishes!

After a healthy breaky, I am heading to the Treetop Adventure Park!!!

 All geared up 😁😁😁

 So much fun! Maybe? Maybe not…

 My sad face, because I was stung by a bee 😭😭😭

And there ends my getaway!