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Birthday gift from Sephora

Picked up my little gift from Sephora yesterday, I chose the Tarte lips and cheeks over Caudalíe.

I can’t wait to put them on first thing in the morning today, and I love the natural tone it sets on my face, it’s like make up with no make up 🙂 

Thank you Sephora!

I really like the mini size because they fit perfectly in my tiny purse

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New hair color 

Finally, I decided to color my hair. 

It’s been almost 8 years having my natural black hair

I have always wanted an ash brown color, but after a few tries 8 years ago, I couldn’t get the right color I want. Maybe I went to the wrong places in the past, that they never did it right? So, I embraced my natural black hair ever since.

There is this hair stylist I went to for the past two years for my regular hair cut, who always have a very nice hair color on her. I asked her during one of my most recent hair cut if she can do an ash brown color for me, which has a tiny green shade. She said yes.

Today is my hair color appointment, and it started at 11am. 

1st part of hair bleaching

Final bleaching

After went through three parts of hair bleaching, I was shocked to see the color of my hair! I started to worry if the outcome is what I am looking for…

Up close on my bleached hair, along with my worry look

Final hair color

After 5 hours of the entire hair coloring process, the final hair color is indeed what I am looking for. I was rushing to get out of the salon without taking a finished look picture, because I was afraid to be late for my dinner appointment. 

Once I got home, I styled my hair with a really cool T3 auto-rotating curling iron.

How can I miss the pic of my supercool curling iron

All ready for dinner

I am really loving my new hair color ❤️️❤️️❤️️ 

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Ole Henriksen Power Bright

Taking advantage of Sephora VIB 20% off discount, I got myself a new product to try, Ole Henriksen Power Bright.

I did not feel the extreme tingling sensation as a lot of the reviewers said, instead it’s very mild. I hoped I followed the instruction right?!

I know it’s not magic, but I can’t see major difference on my face after washed. My face does feel softer like after applying a mask.

The box comes with 6 treatments, hopefully magic comes after 6 used 🙂

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I rushed home on Friday evening because I couldn’t wait to try on my Dyson Supersonic hairdryer that arrived this morning. 

Such a pretty looking hairdryer which the color match my favorite Dyson cordless vacuum. But once I used it on my fresh washed hair, I am super disappointed with it. No doubt on the high speed air, but it did not cut down the drying time much compared to my regular Conair 1875 Watt hairdryer. Besides, the over powerful air speed actually messily dried my hair in tangled! 

Yes, this is a big disappointment! 

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What do you think about La mer?


I attended an event by La mer on the past Saturday, was given a chinese new year lucky envelope plus some samples of their products. I been trying the samples for 3 days in a row now, I certainly do not see any difference on my skin.

They introduced almost all their products within an hour meeting time, and the attendees got to share their experiences of using the products.

One of the attendee was telling us that she has almost all the la mer products, including all different kind of their serum. I was impressed by how much someone would spend on their skincare products. La mer is indeed very pricey, I am still debating whether I should give it a try? Or is overrated?

What do you think?

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It’s been a stressful week after I started my Monday with a same day return flight to San Diego. My neck and shoulder hurts really bad. I can’t descripe how much I hate my job every time when I stress out!
Good thing is I have picked up my birthday gift from Aveda during the weekend. This aromatic oil is my life saver at this moment! It is made with chamomile and lavender. Lavender is my favourite, I love lavender honey ice cream, lavender hand cream, lavender body soap, lavender earl grey tea, and everything else made with lavender!
After a hot shower, I rubbed a few drops of this oil on my cupped palms, took a few long, deep breaths following the inhalation method, then massaged through  my neck and shoulder.
Today is the third consecutive day I follow this little ritual to calm my mind, and to relax my neck and shoulder. The soothing smell helps me to fall asleep easily too.
Hello Stress-fix composition oil, it was nice meeting you! This would be my on going purchase from Aveda after Shampure, Scalp benefits, and the Comforting tea.
Thank you Aveda for offering such great products.

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Beauty Oil


I bought this beauty oil during summer. After a few usage, my face reacted with some tiny red bumps, I figured that probably too oily for my face; thus, I stopped using it.
This morning I woke up with itchy and dry skin on my face, this happened a lot to me during winter time. While I was searching among my skin care to look for rescue, I saw this forgotten beauty oil.
A few drops on my palms, massaged through my face, and it did comfort my itchiness, plus my face feel smooth again.
Hmm, I also applied it on my lips, got an instant glow from it without the sticky lip gloss.