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Keiko à Nob Hill

It was back in April, I had this amazing Japanese-influenced French tasting menus, at a hidden restaurant in Nob Hill, San Francisco, Keiko. I called it ‘hidden’ restaurant because it was difficult to find since it doesn’t have a store front.

Keiko is rated 1 Michelin Star. I like the ambience of the restaurant a lot, it’s romantic. The food was fantastic, I liked it more then the traditional Kaiseki menu.

My favorite dishes were the Foie Gras with espresso sauce and the A5 Wagyu. Both were melt in your mouth good.

Dessert was a little bit disappointing, 3 layer cakes served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sorbet. I was hopping they would serve something like Matcha Souffle, or Matcha Chantilly cake.

Overall, it’s a great experience, I highly recommend it!

Keiko à Nob Hill

1250 Jones St
San Francisco, CA 94109


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Local. Simple.

This is a very tiny cafe, serving very simple menu. I like it very much, because I tasted ‘homemade’. Some people might think it’s not worth it to pay $7.95 for a breakfast croissant that you can literally make it on your own, croissant, cheese, ham, hard boiled egg, and arugula.

Well, I like it simple, I like it local!


754 Post street

San Francisco, CA, 94109

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Happy Monday! 

Monday could be glamorous if you start it right! Did I say the word glamorous? Yeah!!

I love my job, but there are days that I don’t feel like going to work. Instead of calling in, I made these little treats to myself, triple shot cappuccino with Lavazza Super crema espresso beans, and my favorite waffle! 

I could be 30 minutes late today for work, but it’s better than calling in. The most important matter is, I started my Monday happily! 

Ohh well, I am not sure if my boss would be happy today! Too bad, in life, we can never make everybody happy, right?

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Brunch at Marlowe, San Francisco

First time wearing my new beanie and new coat, the blue and mint color made me think of Marlowe.

Hence, I went to Marlowe for brunch. This is the third time I been to Marlowe, I love the interior setting, the ambiance and the food. I can’t say much about their service though, it all depends on the server of the day.

Brussel sprout chips is a must try, sinfully delicious! I could finish the whole order by myself!

The freshly squeeze grapefruit juice is so refreshing that I could give up my cup of coffee, which usually is a must have for me in breakfast or brunch. The tartness becomes my eyes opening of the day. 

Heard some good things about their roasted bone marrow too. Too bad it is served only at  dinner, will definitely check it out sometimes later.


Add: 500 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA 94107