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Happy 2016


Toast for the best of 2016!
Happy New Year!

We ordered corn bread and smoke salmon for appetizers. I was a little bit disappointed that the famous chargrilled artichokes are not in season at this time of the year.

Delicious Corn Bread on a skillet! Really love the crunchy top and the inner moist of the corn bread.

This is by far the best Smoked Salmon I have ever tasted. It is not the type of Smoked Salmon you can get from the grocery store, it is Home Smoked Salmon, it tasted so fresh, moist, and buttery.

And here’s the main dishes, steak and prime rib! Both were cooked to the perfection!

IMG_6007Pairing with the Calcareous Vineyard Twisted Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, made it a very sophisticated dinner to end the year of 2015.

Better yet, we were surprised that the restaurant waived the corkage fee for the 1st bottle of wine, cheers!

Los Altos Grill

Address: 233 3rd St, Los Altos, CA 94022