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Keiko à Nob Hill

It was back in April, I had this amazing Japanese-influenced French tasting menus, at a hidden restaurant in Nob Hill, San Francisco, Keiko. I called it ‘hidden’ restaurant because it was difficult to find since it doesn’t have a store front.

Keiko is rated 1 Michelin Star. I like the ambience of the restaurant a lot, it’s romantic. The food was fantastic, I liked it more then the traditional Kaiseki menu.

My favorite dishes were the Foie Gras with espresso sauce and the A5 Wagyu. Both were melt in your mouth good.

Dessert was a little bit disappointing, 3 layer cakes served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sorbet. I was hopping they would serve something like Matcha Souffle, or Matcha Chantilly cake.

Overall, it’s a great experience, I highly recommend it!

Keiko à Nob Hill

1250 Jones St
San Francisco, CA 94109